October 4, 1974 - Supervisors of the Townships of West Deer and Indiana, Allegheny County, create the Deer Creek Drainage Basin Authority by formal resolution. Its purpose was to plan, construct, finance and operate a sewage-collection/conveyance system to serve the residents of West Deer and Indiana Townships.

1976 - Authority received approval for a construction grant from the Environmental Protection Agency of $12,069,000 and a supplemental grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission in the amount of $492,777.

March 21, 1977 - Construction bids were received placing the total acquisition, construction and financing costs of the system at $19,942,377.

May 1980 - The entire system became operational.

November 1984 - The Authority relocated its business office to 945 Little Deer Creek Road, Russellton, PA.

May 30, 1986 - The Authority experienced the first major physical problem with the system as the result of a major flood. Damage occurred to isolated areas of the system on the Blue Run interceptor, Indianola interceptor and the force main. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reimbursed approximately $320,000 of these damages.

May 1987 - Another major storm hit the Russellton area, rupturing and dislocating approximately 80 feet of the 24 inch main transmission line from Russellton to Harmarville. The cost of repairs was approximately $25,000.

1989 - Rehabilitation work was advertised for the older systems of Indianola, Russmont and Victory Plans. Sanitary sewer construction began in the Superior area of West Deer Township

1990 - Discussions began with Allegheny Valley Joint Sewage Authority (AVJSA) relative to DCDBA's responsibility for the next 1.5 million gallon per day (MGD) expansion of their 3.6 MGD plant. Also, negotiations began with Richland Township for transportation of Richland sewage through the DCDBA system to AVJSAs facilities in Harmarville.

1992 - Rehabilitation of particular lines in the Fawn Haven Plan was completed. Sewer service was extended to the Deer Street Plan in West Deer Township and the Five Acres area of Indiana Township.

1993 - AVJSA's expansion was completed and Richland Township tied into DCDBA lines for transportation of their flows to AVJSA.

1995 - The Bigler Road pump station and Saxonburg Boulevard/Harts Run Road sanitary sewers were completed and tap-ins began.

2000 - Sewer line extension was completed providing service to Bakerstown in Richland Township. The Deer Run pump station was constructed.

2002 - Rich Hill pump stations pumps, electrical controls and speed controls were upgraded.  Also, parallel line along Route 910 was constructed.

2004 - Significant flooding occurred due to Tropical Depression Ivan resulting in $300,000 in damages sustained at the Rich Hill Pump Station. DCDBA personnel and local contractors had the station back in service in a few days. Only two days of bypassing occurred as a result of the flood.

2006 - The Authority was awarded $5,000,000 from the Federal Rural Utilities Service agency to extend sewer lines in the Bakerstown/Culmerville and Rawlins Run areas of West Deer and Indiana Townships (RUS Project).

2007 - DCDBA field staff utilize Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to identify and locate all manholes, piping, and pump stations in the DCDBA system, which has substantially increased in size since the original system was installed in 1974. By utilizing this technology, we have created and maintain a base map that identifies the system assets on one electronic map with real world coordinates. In addition, the program also utilizes a Geographic Information System (GIS) which links the data base to each asset identified in the field, enabling us to conduct inspections and data collection of the entire system. The data is electronically collected in the field via a GPS handheld unit then downloaded onto our system data base to track system maintenance and repairs based on the field inspections.  The GIS database is also used to link our dye testing program results to identify which properties have been dye tested, the results, and any required repairs.

2015 - DCDBA, in conjunction with West Deer Township, extended sanitary sewer service along State Route 910 to the West Deer Township Senior Center. The project also provided public sanitary sewer service to approximately five homes along State Route 910 and Meyers Lane.  Construction began on the Project at the end of April 2015 and was completed.

The sanitary sewer interceptor, located in the Indianola area, required stabilization as a result of erosion and natural stream relocation in recent years which compromised the protection and stability of the main interceptor. Contract work included re-stabilization of the existing sewer line and the impacted stream bank. Construction was successfully completed in March 2015.