Board Members & Professional Staff

The Deer Creek Drainage Basin Authority (DCDBA) is operated under the supervision of nine board members comprised of residents appointed by the Townships of West Deer and Indiana, the Authority Manager, Engineer, Solicitor, Accountant and an Independent Auditor.

Board Members

West Deer Township

Ronald Plesh, Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Sutter
Donald Simonetti
Daniel Coluccio

Indiana Township

Steven Esposito, Chairman
Mark Vidra, Vice-Chairman
Paula Krally, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Drischler
Kelly DeLuca

Authority Manager

Lynn Biery


Edward Schmitt
Gibson-Thomas Thomas Engineering Co., Inc.


Ronald Brown
Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, LLC


Peter Vancheri
Hosack, Specht, Muetzel & Wood

Independent Auditor

R.D. Hoag & Associates, LLC