Customer Information


Applying for Sewer Service

New customers and customers moving within the DCDBA service area must complete an Application For Service.  A deposit of the current minimum charge (multiplied by the number of Units/EDUs served) is required.  The deposit will be applied to the final bill when you move from this residence or business. You can download the Application for Service or call our office to have an Application mailed to you.

Note that in the case of rental properties, the sewer service account will not be placed in a tenant's name as unpaid sewer service charges are subject to municipal claim lien of the property.

Lien/No Lien Letter

A Lien/No Lien Letter should be requested when a property is being sold or refinanced......


Dye Testing

Because DCDBA is obligated to ensure that storm water does not enter its sanitary sewer system,  dye testing is performed throughout the service area as part of our regular maintenance activities.


Subtraction Meter

Water that is used outside and does not enter the sanitary sewer can be deducted from your sewer bill if you have a subtraction meter installed on the water line that serves the outside....