DCDBA’s dye testing program was instituted to ensure that the rain/storm water at your property is not entering the sanitary sewer system. Sewage treatment plants have a finite amount of capacity and are only capable of taking in and treating a certain amount of waste water.  When there is too much water for the system, the excess can cause an overflow, possibly from a manhole, a pump station or into the river at the treatment plant.  Even when there is not an overflow situation, this adds to treatment charges.  DCDBA is legally obligated to eliminate the entry of storm water into its sewers.

Dye tests are required for all homes and businesses in the DCDBA service area that are being sold or refinanced.  The cost of the dye test is included with the lien letter fee paid for by your closing company.  The Authority also conducts a proactive program of dye testing within its service area.  A pink door hanger will be placed on the front door when your area is scheduled for dye testing.

All properties are required to PASS a dye test before the property is sold or refinanced.  The Authority personnel perform the test by pouring dye into all of the building's downspouts, driveway drains and stairwell drains and then verifies that this dye does not appear in the sewer line. This is accomplished by opening the first downstream manhole and visually inspecting the water flow. Then the fresh air vent and the clean-out(s) are examined to ensure that they are 3" above ground and have caps or plugs.

In the event that a property does not pass, the owner will be informed of the repairs that are required. Once these repairs are made (at the property owner's expense), the property must be re-tested.  The property owner must schedule the dye test or follow-up test. Please contact the Authority office at (724) 265-5315.  All properties that fail the dye test are subject to remedies provided for in the Ordinance adopted by the Township.