In the event that any portion of the water measured on or in any property is not returned to the sanitary sewer system (i.e., water used to fill a pool or for watering a lawn or garden), a subtraction meter may be installed and the sewer billing will be reduced accordingly after application of a $1.00 surcharge per bill.  The owner of the property may apply to the Authority for approval of the installation of the subtraction meter.  The Authority reserves the right to determine the particular brand and model of meter to be used.  The following requirements will apply:

  1. The owner will provide suitable housing and pipe installation for the water meter where it will not freeze.  The customer will be responsible for any damage to the meter, as the meter remains the property of the customer, and the Authority is not liable for any subtraction lost thereby.
  2. All maintenance, repairs or replacements will be at the cost of the owner and must include a satisfactory certification of test for accuracy by an approved agency before the meter can be re-sealed and used for subtraction purposes.
  3. All outlets beyond the subtraction meter must be approved as to service which cannot return to the sanitary sewer.  No water faucets/outlets are permissible inside the structure (house and/or garage) on the subtraction system line.  All faucets/outlets after the subtraction meter must be located at the outside of the structure to insure that no water is returnable to the sanitary sewer system.
  4. A shutoff valve is to be placed ahead of the meter.
  5. Meter installation will be permanent. When the installation is completed, the Authority's service personnel must seal the meter and inspect the plumbing for compliance with these regulations.  Before the meter can be placed in operation, any usage registered on the meter prior to inspection and sealing of the meter will be charged to the customer. Meter may only be removed if it is found to be malfunctioning and in need of repair.  The Authority must be notified prior to removal.When repairs are complete and the meter is reinstalled, the owner must make arrangements for the Authority's service person will read and re-seal.
  6. In the event the Authority discovers that flows through the subtraction meter are entering the sanitary sewers, the Authority reserves the right to back-charge the customer for all subtraction meter credits previously given and may also result in revocation of subtraction meter privileges.

For the convenience of our customers, the approved model of meter is available for purchase at the Authority office at a cost of $152.00.